The intention of this site is to provide information and sources for wellness natural, essential oils and aromatherapy.   While not a cure-all,  many recognize that essential oils and aromatherapy can benefit body, mind, and spirit.  Hippocrates, the father of medicine, aptly stated… “the way to health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage every day.”  Who can argue with such timeless wisdom?


By the time you star your journey in the site, I want to say a warm Thanks for your belief and choosing. You must know that you are viewing one of the best-sites-ever for beauty and health. However, it is true that no story is reliable fromthe first glance. Let this guide show you the map to discover my site, the best way will be. Then, make sure that you will take all of necessary stuffs to start that trip. Honestly, enjoy Center Wellness Natural!

Brief introduction!

I believe that those who come here, on such a site, all want to find more and more posts or information for the natural wellness. I do. And this is my story.

For the first time ever, I did not aware any benefit given from essential oils or what is called aromatherapy. Not even a piece of wood. I believed only in science, medicine or counted on whole things from my doctor. We somehow need to follow the directions of doctors, but in this time, nature has won.

When I could not suffer from medical therapy which made me feel as if I had been being burned inside, I found another way to save my life, Mother Nature. She probably gave us wonderful creatures but we did ignore. By finding and reading a great detail article on the Internet, I recognized essential oil and aromatherapy which – I believe – has rest my life.

From that moment, I applied all of the new lessons and got the result what I had always dreamed of. My hopeless headache was finally conquered; the stressful status inside my mind did really find it way to rest. My skin somehow got a new friend.

Obviously, those are not all of benefits that natural wellness can bring to us. To find more, I hope can provide you the best blogs related to the topic. All the wishes are your enjoying with the experiences I have shared.

How and what are they-inside the site?

As I mentioned above, the site official aim is providing you the most reliable and useful information as well as sources lead to natural wellness, essential oils – aromatherapy or such a thing.

When my head was burned down, quite offensive but I did feel like that, and I wanted to breathe calmly again, essential oils save me. They brought me good scent, fresh air, and more than those, recovery in my mind. Anytime when I take some drop of my favorite oil, I take back my feeling and willing to work the most effectively. Believe me, you can try and enjoy. However, I cannot list all you need here about the essential oils because that will be the treasure you would see from my posts. Besides that, the tips for using essential and also technology with them will also be put inside my box on the web. You yourself have to see them by eyes because I cannot tell the whole and you must be the one discovering that.

Coupled with the essential oils, there will be aromatherapy. This combination, according to books I found and my self-experiencing, is worth as anything outside called miracle. It is, as the wind always bows, miracle. Then you combined with my site will see that wonderful remedy.

What is the campaign?

For the content has been mentioned, I have many posts divided in different fields of wellness natural. I also want to provide you the information in the best convenient way that you can take so that the blog is available for you whenever you are in need of. The variety of topics as well as postings is also clearly organized for your best enjoying.

You are worry about essential oils, how many types for them and how to choose them. Make sure that you have checked the site clearly as there are many posts related to that, from simple questions to the bigger problems, they will be solved. The site provides a lot of kept-updating posts for the topic.

You can follow these steps to take the best journey for yourself. Firstly, there are posts to give you detail for the basic information and distinguishing between types of Essential oils. After that, based on the foundation received, you can choose the best scent of Eos you like. There will be detail about some typical oils and benefit, how-to-make, etc.

Besides the oils, there are also posts for the techniques must be used with them. It is undeniable that essential oils have great impact on your health; however, you must see how better it is if you combine the nature with human being’s technology. For easy instance, you can see extremely amazing benefit of Lavender oil, but if you use it with a good Essential oil diffuser, the effect will surprise users.

Essential oils may be good, but there is variety of usage can be applied. One of them, the very best way, you can find in my posts aromatherapy. There is a secret garden waiting for you to see how wonderful it is with your life, and all you can find from my site.

In addition, I also want to share with you tips to keep yourself healthier. With the knowledge and experiences I have taken, I am ready to share with readers all my knowing. There will be some kinds of way to sleep tight, eat healthily, and even more how we can make oils or such a thing practical in our life. I cannot way to show you the things inside but we can list them here a whole story so you are the one will see if my sharing useful for you or not. Check the posts.

I somehow have an attention toplants so that it is impossible to forget to mention cultivating. Are you ready to have cultivation yourself? There are blogs also for friends who have a great love with gardening. We got tips, technology and more than that, which are all included inside the site and you can find easily in marked topics.

To save your time, we are not talking anymore but starting discovering the site. Ready to see my world and ready to make your life better and healthier. For more information, please follow the site.

Many thanks for visit, ENJOY YOURSELF!

Emily R. Smith