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Best Bowflex Max Trainer Reviews – How to Live a Healthy Life

An elliptical trainer is the answer for busy people on how to stay healthy with little time. Check out my best bowflexmax trainer reviews and top picks.

Best Bowflexmax Trainer Reviews - 3 Popular Choices for 2017

Product Name Quality Price Our Rating
Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine. A $ 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)
Nautilus E614 Elliptical. A- $ 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Schwinn MY17 470 Elliptical. B+ $ 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

3 Best Bowflexmax Trainer Reviews in 2017

Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine

Best Bow flex max Trainer

Best Bowflex Max Trainer Reviews


  • Well-constructed and durable.
  • The incline can rise to 30”.
  • 20 resistance levels.
  • Adjustable stride.


  • Only 10 workout programs.
  • Not foldable.

Sole Fitness has been one of the fastest growing business in fitness machine industry. Many of their products are award-winner. Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine falls in the company’s elliptical machine E series. With this Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine, I can create two user profiles for my husband and me.

With each user, we can customize exercises to suit our health conditions and fitness needs. The adjustable incline and stride make it easier for more people to work out with Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine.

I would love it better if it provides more workout programs. Ten is not an impressive figure in the market. My house is not small, so the size of the machine is fine for me. If your house I not big, remember that this elliptical machine is not foldable.

Best Bowflex Max Trainer Reviews - How to Live a Healthy Life

The Bowflex Max trainer is an elliptical trainer by Bowflex. For me, it is my first elliptical trainer, so I have a way of using “bowflexmax trainer” as a generic name. So, as my “definition” in this post, I will introduce to you elliptical trainers and provide some best bowflexmax trainer reviews.

Elliptical trainer (cross-trainer) is a workout machine that stimulates the action of climbing stairs, walking, and running. It puts no excessive pressure on joints; therefore, people with some kinds of injuries can still exercise with an elliptical trainer.

I love running, but an accident hurt my leg, and I have to limit my running habit in over a year. It is an intense punishment for me. Then I had a chance to use the Bowflex Max Trainer for about one month. It brings joy back to my life.

The Bowflex training was excellent, but it is too expensive, so I started to find cheaper options. I found some of them that I will introduce to you later. Sometimes, I still call them bowflexmax trainers in general. I’m now back with my running routine but have to keep it light. So, I’m still using an elliptical trainer to enjoy the happiness of working out.

Why Do You Need A Bowflex Max Trainer?

I can write an essay on why I chose an elliptical trainer instead of other exercise machines. But, in general, it has some significant advantages below:

  • To work out even when your health condition is limited: elliptical trainer doesn’t stress your body out with exercises.
  • To workout with different types of exercise at various intensity level: you can try jogging, walking, running, and stair climbing. My favorite is running.
  • To give the whole body a workout: almost all muscle on your body work out with a bowflexmax trainer.
  • To work out quietly and in a small space: the machine doesn’t cause manynoises. It also requires a little space to exercise.
  • To multitask while working out: you can watch TV, listen to radio-book, or answer the phone while walking those pedals.
  • To exercise safely and limit injuries.
  • To boost weight loss: elliptical trainers help an 185-pound person to lose 400 lbs. with 30 minutes of exercise, according to a study by Harvard Health Publications.

How Does A Bowflex Max Trainer Work?

Elliptical trainers work to mimic the movements the body makes when climbing stair, walking or running. The difference is that an elliptical trainer place insignificant impact on joints. Therefore, it decreases the risk of impact injury to joints.

A bowflexmax trainer provides a full-body workout experience. The effect on the lower body part is much more than onthe upper parts. It can also target specific muscles and body parts to achieve the users’ goal.

When you step on those pedals and move them with your feet, you are working out your lower body. With adaptability, you can also target the glutes to exercise. I can also give my arms a workout by pushing and pulling the handles. Such movements also affect the entire upper body like the chest and shoulders.

The Effects Of A Bowflexmax Trainer On Your Body

  • Weight

Bowflex max trainers accelerate weight loss significantly. Many people are wondering if they can burn as many calories as a treadmill. Cross trainers force people to use a larger group of muscles when working out than treadmill does.

So, they are among the most effective exercise machine to lose fat. You can check out the detail number in the example from the Harvard Health Publication I mentioned above.

  • Upper Body

Elliptical trainers have more impact on our lower body than on the upper part. However, with some adjustments on the setting, we can target the upper muscle for exercise. Grab you handles, you will feel your chest, back, shoulders, and arms are exercising. Stronger arms and shoulders decreased back pain, and muscles tone are the results.

  • Lower Body

Bowflex max trainer works mostly with your lower body. You will start to see achange in your feet, legs, thighs, and glutes. Exercise with elliptical machine strengthens your lower body. You can notice your lower part get smaller in size but firmer in quality. The machine also helps tone your muscles significantly.

  • Endurance

The long-term effect of an elliptical trainer is that you will get stronger. I mean every part of your body feel different. It seems they can endure much more than before. They can work harder and longer before getting fatigue. The reason is that they gain strength through exercising with an elliptical trainer.

Possible Problems When Using A Bowflexmax Trainer And Solutions

  • Your Feet Get Numb

If you feel so, your toes are telling you that you are putting too much pressure on them. Don’t do that or your workout time will shorten. Sharing some of that pressure with the heels to get the large muscle group to work harder and longer.

  • Your Machine Sounds Weird

The vibrator sound of the machine while you are working out may indicate that you are going too fast, but the resistance is not enough. That means you are working out for nothing. You should exercise at a moderate and steady pace at a resistance when your muscles have to work. You can feel your heart rate increase.

Weird sound from the bowflexmax trainer can also be the sign of some defects or faults in the machines. Whenever you hear one, stop on check carefully. A small mistake can lead to major injury while exercising.

  • You Find The Assembly Complicated

Some elliptical machines are impossible to assemble even with all the manual, instruction, customer support. In that case, find someone you can ask for help with machines. Or you can require the professional services from the distributor. A mistake during this first process may stop the trainer from working.

  • Your Bowflexmax Trainer Is Not Wooden-Friendly

Although elliptical trainers are steady and firm, there will be some minor movements during working out. It can scratch your wooden floor. The solution for the problem is to place a plastic mat on the floor.

Do not use a cross trainer on a carpet. The movement of the machine release the fibers from the fabric into the air. They may get stuck in the machine and damage it. They are also bad for your aspirator system if you take them in while breathing.

Who Is A Bowflexmax Trainer For?

  • Overweight people can use an elliptical trainer to boost their weight loss significantly.
  • People with medical conditions that do not allow them to take intense workout can use cross trainers to improve their health.
  • People with joint problems that prevent them from climbing, jogging and running exercise.
  • People who want to exercise in a “lazy” way.
  • Victim of a stroke who wants to improve “balance, endurance, and mobility.”
  • People who want to get rid of back pain or knee pain.
  • Anyone who wants to work out at home.

How To Make The Most Out Of A Best Bowflexmax Trainer

  • Keep Your Consistency

Working out with an elliptical trainer take around 30 minutes per day. You can exercise while watching the news, a movie, or reading newspaper. One week of working then one week off makes no different to your body and your health. Exercising regularly is the key.

  • Follow A Healthy Lifestyle

No workout solution works without a healthy lifestyle. Remember to eat healthily, drink enough water, and sleep enough. You should maintain a positive attitude towards life. Stress is one major reason to health problems.

  • Do Not Over Work Out

Even if the bowflexmax trainer is a “gentle” working out solution, injuries and exhaustion are still possible when you push your body too harsh. Listen to your body and respect its limit.

  • Try Various Exercises

An elliptical trainer often offers many options for a workout. Do not stick to a motion or a program. Challenging your body with new exercise forces it to really work out and achieve your goals.


I have been using a bowflexmax trainer for a few years now. When running is too extreme for me, elliptical trainers are my choice. It is an incredible workout solution that works for everyone.

I hope my best bowflexmax trainer reviews above and my personal experience I share give you an idea about elliptical trainers. A trainer that is best for you is the one the meet your needs and situations. If you have questions or opinions, share with me below.

Emily R. Smith

Allow me to introduce a little bit about myself. I’m Emily. Now I’m working as a freelancer in New York. My job is content creating, and I write everything I want since I don’t work under the control of a boss.

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Do 3 sets of each move, performing as many reps (1 second up, 1 second down) as possible until you feel a burning sensation in the muscles you’re working or you can no longer maintain proper form. Rest 15 seconds between sets.

  • The Fat-Burning Workout
  • Lose The Pooch Workout
  • Program At A Glance
  • More and More ...
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