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Best Essential Oils Diffuser Reviews

Are you looking for best essential oil diffuser for large space, zen breeze diffuser, apalus diffuser, aromatherapy diffuser essential oil diffusers, best ultrasonic diffuser, best electric oil diffuser, aromatherapy diffusers for essential oils, home diffusers for essential oils, purespa essential oil diffuser ... This article we suggest best essential oils diffuser review by high quality, cheap.

Which Best essential oil diffuser brand you should choose? -a common question arises when you need to buy a diffusers for essential oils (or ultrasonic essential oil diffuser reviews).

I completely understand why you would ask that question because there are so many kinds of essential oil diffusers for sale out in the market, that are all different types, makes, sizes, prices, so that it is very hard to find the perfect one for yourself.

It depends on your liking and one cannot guide you towards it. So, in this post we would be helping you to choose the essential oils diffuser reviews for your own aromatherapy session.

Our Top Picks For Best Essential Oils Diffuser Reviews 2017

Nobody would wish to have stuffy air around him, which I can bet following the wide interviews I conducted on the diverse users of the mist essential oil diffuser doterra in our urban center. One thing was for sure, the majority of those we interviewed used the essential oil diffuser walmart for diverse purposes.

Best Essential Oil Diffusers Reviews
  • Top 3 Best Nebulizing Diffusers For Sale
  • Top 3 Best Ultrasonic Diffuser For Essential Oils For Sale
Product NameQualityPriceOur Rating
GreenAir SpaVapor+ Instant Wellness 150ml Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy (greenair spa vapor diffuser).
Essential Oil Diffuser by Deneve® - Riverock - Oil Diffuser - Aromatherapy Diffuser - Aroma Diffuser - Aromatherapy Humidifier (best diffuser).
QUOOZ Lull Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser, High Capacity Diffuser with Auto Shut- Off (best essential oils for diffuser).
The AromaSoft Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser.
The Essential Oil Diffuser, Best Aromatherapy Humidifier.

Some Of The Best Essential Oils Diffuser Reviews

There are so many kinds of ultrasonic diffuser for essential oils out in the market. But, how can we decide the best product?

In case you don’t even have the slightest clue about how to buy one, then you are in luck as that is exactly what we are going to tell you now.

We have developed a well-researched top ten list to help our readers decide their best pick. We have reviewed all of the three essential oil diffusers based on the design, features, price and customer opinions.

Greenair Spa Vapor Advanced Wellness

Greenair Spa Vapor Advanced  Wellness
  • Specifications
  • Features
  • Greenair spa vapor oil diffuser boasts of diffusing any kind of oil quickly.
  • It utilises water intelligently and when it runs out of water it shuts off automatically.
  • The rotating LED lights can be controlled by on or off switch. These lights are visually attractive too with red, blue, green and purple hues.
  • The ultrasonic quality generates negative ions to clean the air.
  • It is BPA free and can be used either day or night.
  • It does not require rigorous cleaning.

Riverrock Essential Oil Diffuser

Riverrock Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Specifications
  • Features

  • The aroma diffuser is very sleek and contemporary in design.
  • The diffuser can be easily used up to 4-5 hours with full water capacity.
  • The makers claim that the diffuser provides quality mist that can relax and invigorate mind and body.

QUOOZ Lull Ultrasonic Aromatherapy

QUOOZ Lull Ultrasonic Aromatherapy
  • Specifications
  • Features
  • The oil diffuser measures 5”X5”X9” in dimension and weighs 2.2 pounds in weight.
  • The diffuser comes with 6small rotating LED lights with on and off or auto shut off option.
  • It has a water capacity of 175ml.
  • It utilises water up to 5 hours.
  • Works well in room size 500 square feet.

What Is The Best Essential Oil Diffuser?

The healing and disinfecting properties of essential oils are used in many ways – often they are rubbed directly on the skin or surface that is being treated and other times they are ingested or diluted in a spray bottle. One of the best ways to use essential oils is to diffuse them into the air – making them a part of every breath you take.

Air diffusers for essential oils are attractive containers for your essential oils that take the place of other less-effective methods of exposing your essential oil to the air for long periods of time (such as a discretely-placed cotton ball).

Essential oil home diffuser allow you to experience the benefits of essential oil aromatherapy throughout your home at all times of the day in an unobtrusive, effortless manner.

There are a number of different styles that use various techniques to allow essential oil to fill the air around you. No matter which style you buy, the unit is working to break down the oil into micro-molecules. The micro-molecules are incredibly small, which allows them to be projected into the air, carrying their scent and benefits with them. These micro-molecules are long-lasting as well – they will remain active in the air for several hours.

It is always wise to begin using one of these gradually – when you first buy a young living oil diffuser you should use it for no more than thirty minutes a day until you are used to the essential oil’s effects. After you are used to this, you can gradually work up to using your essential oil home diffuser every hour of the day. Remember that even after your nose gets used to the scent you are still receiving all of the benefits of your essential oils!

Essential oil home diffusers are wonderful tools because they can be used with all of the essential oils you own. This means that even if you require a different kind of essential oil you will not have to go out and buy new tools, you will be able to repurpose the one you already have instead!


How Do Essential Oil Diffusers Work?

The overall blanket understanding of how the essential oil diffusers work would be just the use of diffusion. That in itself has a lot of weight and has made the majority of people to take the workings of the diffusers at face value.

However, it is important to understand the essential oil diffuser operations in the context of the diverse conditions and models they are used. The diverse kinds of essential oil diffusers have different manner of operations which may interest any would be user.

Type of essential oil diffusers

  • Ultrasonic oil diffusers
  • The aromatherapy based diffusers
  • Reed essential oil diffusers

Essential oil diffusers are a wide area and so may in most cases be hard to understand. For instance, most of the essential oil diffusers and aromatherapy diffusers all have their basic roots in the use of the oils with the aromatic feel.

The aim of all of them is to provide the soothing feel with the aroma therapeutic touch. To understand this, we need to look at the operation of some of the diffusers. Have a look at the working of some essential oil diffuser types;

  • The cold air diffusers– these are known to use the services of the nebulizer as the point of turning the oil into the mist. Nebulizers are just some sort of glass chambers with the potential of breaking the oil into the small mists – For their inconveniences in terms of having to clean the soot they leave after use in the form of vaporized films, they are not preferred.
  • The evaporation based diffusers– these are usually based on the wafting of the vapor arising from the oil pad which is usually set at a point. The use of the low viscosity oils is usually the common factor.
  • The ultrasonic diffusers– which are vibration based diffusers. In most cases, the use of the electric currents is common and the vaporizing effect of the vibration is the enabling factor in spreading the vapor. Their use is growing in popularity.
  • The heat based diffusers– the use of heat in making the oil midst away is common with these diffusers. The major obstacle seen with them is the change in the oil structure when the heat is applied. This change alone makes the diffusers not to be popular in use.

The operation of the essential oil diffusers is also based on the manner in which the diffusers are made. Some of the diffusers with the design based operation models include;

  • The reed diffuser which are some of the latest kids in the block. They are usually simply made and do not need to be bought. The use of the papyrus reed stick is the common denominator. The reed stick has some thin films within its nodes which are used in aiding the diffusion of the oil within it. Reed diffusers are quit efficient in terms of long lasting and ability to spread the aroma evenly.
  • Simple tissue diffusers which are also the simplest diffusers. You only use a tissue and soak it with the essential oil. The aroma will then move to the other areas of the house.
  • The candle diffusers which are made with the use of the essential oils on the candle which is usually lit and extinguished. They use the principle of heat as well.
  • Lamp ring diffusers which are usually made of the brass tins. They are usually ring like in shape and use the heat from the bulb to spread the heat to the other areas of the room.
  • The terracotta diffusers are those made from the terracotta clay. These clay materials are porous and have special openings which the essential oil is made to diffuse and spread to the other areas of the house.

The diversity in the manner in which the diffusers operate shows that the diffusers are usually operational on the basis of diffusion but depending on the taste of the user. Pinpointing a single model of function as the main means of their working will then not be in order.

How To Use Essential Oils

For their aromatic taste, essential oil use is a rather common phenomenon in most homes, offices and even areas of relaxation. Their use in aromatherapy has then not been in contention. The relaxing nature and the wide belief that they have a healing touch make their use common.

Talking of essential oils, these are usually pure plant extracts with no need for any additives. They are usually not made with artificial industrial additives and are known for their strong aroma. What usually baffles most is the manner in which they can be used well to satisfy the users’ taste.

The User Process

The essential oils which are usually in their purest forms are usually used in aromatherapy in a bid to provide the following remedies;

  • Relaxation of the body.
  • Soothing touch for sleep apnea disorders.
  • The healing of diverse diseases.
  • Opening of the respiratory tract.
  • It is good for the moisturizing and soothing effect on the skin.

Because it is the aroma which is in use most of the times, diffusers, special tools which are meant to help in breaking the essential oils used. In the course of using some essential oils, dilution may be a feature which is common.

Water is usually the most common solvent though in some cases, the essential oil may be mixed with other oils. The use of the other oils or water may be dependent on the essential oil type. For instance when the solubility is not matching, water may not be advisable because it may spoil the overall nature of the essential oils aroma.

Water is only important if the solubility matches and the moisturizing effect is required. Though the water is allowed, when it is used, it is advisable not to use too much water because the quality of the aroma may be interfered with.


There are several different forms of essential oil diffusers which can be used in the course trying to make the aroma reach the desired area. Diffusers are important because of their ability to mist the essential oil particles.

The choice of the diffusers to use in applying the essential oils depends entirely on the user. For instance, the use of the tissues, candles and even the papyrus reed sticks has been growing in notoriety lately.

What happens in most cases is that the essential oil is poured inside or on the desired diffuser and then the misting will be allowed to take place gradually. Because of the overall high diffusion and evaporation rates, the aroma is bound to move to the areas with lower concentrations.

Essential oil aroma may in some cases get depleted or reach a point which is called the equilibrium. This is when the concentration reaches its peak. The manner and the scope of the essential oil use is a personal decision in line with the advice from the aroma therapist specialist at your disposal.

Are There Any Risks In The Course Of Use?

What the user needs to bear in mind is that the use of the essential oils also has certain underlying downsides which may be worth talking about. For instance using peppermint near children may not be quit advisable in spite of its benefits to the respiratory tract.

Using the essential oils is therefore a beneficial factor in aromatherapy. So it is only advisable if one read the user manuals and the manufacturer warnings on most of the essential oil containers before use.

Why Do You Need Essential Oils Diffuser?

Diffusion, basically defined as the process of spreading essential oils, can effectively fill up a room with natural fragrances. It is one of the best methods to enjoy the advantages of therapeutic treatment, which has become a globally accepted method to help the body achieve overall wellness.

Did you know that by inhaling the essential oils, your body will be able to function properly while keeping it in a relaxed and calm state? In addition, putting up an essential oil diffuser in the room of your home or office helps clean the air of your environment. As a result, you are able to reduce a number of different health issues like asthma, stress, lungs problems, allergies, sore throat and other illnesses.

Diffusing essential oils with the help of oil diffusers can assist you in getting rid of harmful bacteria, microbes and viruses from air. All that and your surroundings become pleasantly aromatic.

The essential oil diffuser benefits on our health when used in our living place. on our health when used in our living place.

  • Essential oil diffusers convert the essential oil droplets into a thin vapour and spread them in the air. Our bodies absorb this thin vapour of essential oil while we breathe the air. The aroma delivers the desired results by stimulating the brain.
  • Indoor odour is effectively eliminated when oil diffusers are used.
  • Oil diffusers are known to induce peaceful sleep and work as mood enhancers.

But, how can we decide the best oil diffuser? I have developed a well-researched top ten list to help my readers decide their best pick. I have reviewed all of the three diffusers based on the design, features, price and customer opinions.


Heat or Ultrasonic, Which is The Best For Aromatherapy Diffusion?

After reading the above lines, one question that must have popped up in your minds would be: “How a diffuser works?”. So let us first try to understand the basic underlying principle for functioning of a diffuser. Said that, not all diffusers are alike. There are basically four different type of essential oils diffusers that are popularly used. They not only vary in their principle of operation but also have different scope of application.

  • Heat Diffusers: They work by directly heating and evaporating the oil placed above the heat source. Although very simple and easy in operation they may not be the best choice in case you want to benefit from the therapeutic effects of your essential oil too.
  • Evaporative Diffusers: Although better than the former heat diffuser, a major problem with this kind of diffuser is different diffusion rates of heavier and lighter oils. The lighter oils tend to diffuse quickly whereas the heavier oils take more time. Even though this type of diffuser retains the therapeutic effects of the essential oil, but its application is not recommended in large halls or rooms. This is best suited for smaller, compact places and for personal usage like in your car while you are traveling.
  • Nebulizing Diffuser or Cold air Diffuser: The essential oil is blowed into the nebulizer with the help of cold air at room temperature and from there it vaporizes into the air. Being powerful, the mixing of oil in the air is very quick and thus it uses essential oils at a relatively higher rate than the other kind of diffusers. Also it usually comes with a timer in which you can set up run and idle times giving you total control over how long it can run. Although very efficient in nature, sometimes it cannot nebulize heavier, thicker essential oils.
  • Amir cool mist ultrasonic diffuser: The difference exists in the addition of water in ultrasonic diffuser. They release a mist containing both oil and water particles. Due to this reason, ultrasonic diffusers can also double up as humidifiers in winter. But, due to the addition of water in them, these diffusers are not as powerful as nebulizers. Also, the use of citrus essential oils is not recommended in ultrasonic diffusers as it may erode its components.

While the options come aplenty when it comes to essential oil diffusers, certain important points must be kept in mind so you can make the most out of the essential oil device and enable it to meet your needs and preferences. 

Tips For Choosing The Essential Oils Diffuser Reviews

Diffusers are usually used to help spread the aroma in the air. However, buying the best is the most challenging thing. With most of the essential oils and ingredients are always packed with a diffuser. There are several oils coming into the market so the diffusers arte so many.

essential oils diffuser reviews

# How to buy the best essential oils diffuser reviews step by step (where to buy essential oil diffuser).

Now that you have a very lucid understanding of the functioning of various types of essential oil diffusers, it is time to buy one. To help you with it here is a step by step guide for buying best essentials.

Step 1: Understanding your need.

Before buying anything, you must know why you need it in the first place. Does your need includes utilizing only the aromatic properties of the essential oil or both therapeutic and aromatic properties. Before starting any procurement it is very important to understand why you need it in the first place.

So if you want to enjoy only the sweet smell of the oil in your room you could save yourself a few bucks and go for the heat diffuser. But if you want to avail yourself the benefits of the therapeutic characteristic of your oil then avoid the heat diffuser and opt from the other three viz. Evaporating, nebulizing and ultrasonic.

Step 2: Knowing the size of the area you want to cover.

As already mentioned, all diffusers do not have the same coverage. If you live at a small place, or you want to use it in a car, or you want to use it in a small shop or any other confined area then your best be would be evaporative diffusers. But if your area of application is pretty large say your entire home or a large hall then you can consider other diffusers.

Step 3: Are you a light sleeper or it doesn’t matter even if a band is playing in your front yard?

Yes, you have to think about it too while buying an essential oil diffuser. Many people have trouble sleeping in noisy environments and wake up even at the drop of a pin. If you fall in that category, and want to use the diffuser in your bedroom then certainly you can avoid nebulizers as they tend to make some noise while operation.

You need to look towards other options to save your precious sleep. Also many diffusers may feature LED lights which would keep glowing till the diffuser is on. Diffusers with such quirky features are certainly not advisable for people who need perfect darkness for their sound sleep. But if you fall in the other category, that nothing in the world can deter you from having your sound sleep, then close your eyes and pick any.

Step 4: Observing the environment where the diffuser will be used.

Not all people live in similar environment and climatic conditions. Some enjoy longer humid summers while others have to cope up with the dry winters. So if you live in any region where the air is dry most of the times and you want to humidify the air, then properly choosing your diffuser can save you the cost of a humidifier. Containing a water oil mixture, the ultrasonic humidifier is the best choice for such conditions. And for people who have to face tropical climates, rest of the choices are open.

Step 5: Determining the intensity of odour you want to hide.

Not all homes, offices, parlors, spas are equally clean. So, if you don’t clean up your place regularly or due to any such beautiful reason, a strong odour hangs in your surrounding then consider getting a powerful diffuser such as a nebulizer or a heat diffuser. But if you require only a faint scent of your oil then a ultrasonic diffuser can suit your purpose.

Step 6: Knowing how long you need to use it.

You would definitely not want your diffuser to over-function than required. The aroma of most oils is retained in the atmosphere for longer durations of time. So there is no need of buying a diffuser that would be running non-stop. In such cases it is advisable to buy one that allows you control over setting the run and rest time as per your need.

This would not only save your valuable oil but also power. Also it is better to get a diffuser that features a auto shut-off function. You obviously do not want your diffuser to run even when your set run cycle is completed or when your oil bottle is empty. The auto shut-off feature comes handy in these cases.

Also, from safety point of view a auto shut-off feature is a must have in a diffuser. Another useful function could be controlling the amount of air flow in the diffuser. It helps you control the rate of dispersion and how much oil is dispersed thereby controlling how strong the smell is, just like you turning the volume up or down in a radio.

Step 7: Estimating your budget.

Essential oil diffusers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes with varying materials of construction. Thus prices of different diffusers vary too. Heat diffusers are usually the cheapest of the lot. Also it is advisable to buy a rugged diffuser that is less likely to break or fracture even upon a little rough handling.

Keeping that in mind you can avoid those that have used glass in their construction. Such a diffuser would also be better to carry around while traveling. I wont exactly suggest to go for the cheapest one as you wouldn’t want to invest in a diffuser time and again. Instead, get one that suits all your needs and requirements and can run for a long period of time.

All right, now we have equipped you with all the tools that you require to buy your diffuser. All you have to do now is go to the store and pick a diffuser or a easier way would be to buy online.

Dos and Don’t When Buying the best diffusers for essential oils for Your Home and Office!!

Before you get all excited and get yourself an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser, consider these factors for a worthwhile purchase:

  • Purchase based on your needs.

It is necessary to understand your personal requirements before buying essential oil diffusers. Consider different options and chose one that is suitable to what you really want to achieve with every use of it.

  • Consider diffusers with time settings.

You can decide to go eight hours straight or get quick few-minutes worth of aromatherapy, as required or desired. Do either conveniently with an ultrasonic diffuser time setting functionality

  • Search for a better light system.

There are many diffusers that emit colorful, visually soothing lights. Pick the product with a specific set of colors that brighten up your every aromatherapy period.

Frequently Asked Questions about Essential Oil Diffusers:

How do I use my diffuser?

  • There are many different kinds of diffusers available out there in the market and all have different functions. There is always an instruction manual provided along with the product you buy. Refer to that manual for specific directions on how to use your diffuser.

What type of oils should I use with my diffuser?

  • The quality of the oil plays a important part in the longevity and effectiveness of your diffuser. It is recommended to use 100% pure organic essential oils. Also different kind of diffusers support specific kinds of oil. Citrus oil is not recommended if you have a ultrasonic diffuser. Always read the instructions that come with the product in detail and then proceed to operate your diffuser.

My diffuser is not working properly. What do I do?

  • There could be many reasons for your diffuser not working properly or not working at all. First thing would be to check if your device is connected to the power supply properly. In case it is plugged in but still it does not work, check the power supply in the source. If your diffuser is not misting or releasing aroma, then you need to check your water and oil levels depending upon the kind of diffuser that you are using. Unwanted or loud noise from your diffuser may be due to motor or fan irregularities. Contact your vendor if such a situation arises.

Do diffusers get hot?

  • Yes, certain type of diffusers (heat diffusers) get hot while operation and usage. Be careful about handling them while and after usage. Read the instruction manual provided with the product for handling instructions.

How long do diffusers take to work?

  • Most diffusers don’t take a long time before releasing the oil into the air, infact in most of the cases it happens instantly as you switch on the device. But it may take some time to reach you if its a large place and you are situated far from your device. If its taking longer than usual to show effect then check your device for oil and water levels.

What do I do if I accidentally ingest oil or it has touched my skin?

  • Although diluted oils pose little threat to human beings but still, consult your nearest doctor if you feel anything out of the normal. Concentrated oils must never be ingested, inhaled or applied on skin directly. Doing so may affect your health. Read the cautionary instructions given on your oil before using them or playing with them.

How much oil is consumed in a diffuser?

  • The consumption of oil varies according to your needs and space it has to cover. Most diffusers come with a function allowing you to control the rate of dispersion which in turn controls the quantity of oil consumed. It also depends upon whether you prefer a faint smell or a strong smell. Larger places would require larger amounts of oil to fill the aroma.

How does an oil diffuser affect health and environment?

  • There are many great benefits of oil diffusers. Essential oil helps in preventing bacterial and microbial diseases from reaching you. Some oils are known to help uplifting mood and reduce stress. Also certain oils improve the immunity system. Many oils have been known to keep away cold, flu and such diseases which spread via the air we breath. Also essential oils help in clearing up stuffed noses and help in airflow to the lungs.

How big is an oil diffuser?

  • Most oil diffusers are compact devices that can sit anywhere and only require to be plugged in for operation. Also many diffusers are easy to carry and can be packed in with luggage easily. Also they come in all shapes and sizes, with different LED lighting options and some also with music. The shape, size and color of the diffuser solely depends upon individual preference.

If you are wondering if you would be able to use one on your own or not, then let me tell you that you can, everybody can. Most diffusers are very easy to install and use, only requiring to be filled with oil and a switch to be turned on. If you are planning to buy a ultrasonic diffuser then just remember to add water with the oil.

All oil diffusers are very easy to handle and are not heavy. They can easily be carried from one place to another. Also, complete instructions come with the product in a manual describing all the details about it. Changing oils is also not much of an hassle in most oil diffusers.

You can also use a combination of oils if you want. Most diffusers come with programmable timers for setting run time and idle time. You need to set the timer only once as per your need and thereafter you can just relax and enjoy your aromatherapy session.


Maintenance Of Essential Oil Diffusers.

Diffusers for essential oils are also very easy to maintain, but it is important to clean them regularly if you want your beautiful aromatherapy session to continue for a longer time. As diffusers use oils, so sometimes they stick in the oil tank and through the dispersion path.

The oil stuck to the tank may also corrode your device. So, here are quick and easy steps for cleaning and maintaining your ultrasonic diffuser for essential oils:

  • Unplug your diffuser.
  • Fill only half the oil/water tank with clean water.
  • Add few drops of white vinegar.
  • Plug the device and turn it on.
  • Run it for about 5-10 minutes for vinegar to disperse through the whole unit.
  • Turn off and unplug the device.
  • Drain your diffuser completely.
  • Wipe the corners with a cotton swab dipped in vinegar.
  • Rinse with clean water.
  • Finish the cleaning process by wiping your diffuser with a clean dry cloth or a cotton swab.

Here it is to be noted that the instructions given above are just general instructions applicable on most diffusers, but always read and follow the instruction manual that comes with the product for cleaning and maintenance.
Essential oils diffusers are a great way to clean up your environment and the air you breath while altering your mood towards a stress-free and happy mind. Even if you are not exactly a fan of aromatherapy, still you must try an essential oil diffuser once. They are simple, great devices that only bring aroma, health and happiness to every corner they reach. Now, it is high time that you too reap the benefits of the ancient knowledge of oils and the modern technology of diffusers. Get one for your home, office, shop or spa now.
Coming towards the end of the article, I hope you have learned a lot about essential oil diffusers. I also hope all your doubts and queries about using an essential oil diffuser are cleared. If you had been planning to but a diffuser but were not sure which one to buy, then, by now you must have equipped yourself with all the knowledge to choose the best diffusers for essential oils for yourself.

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