Best Himalayan Salt Lamp Reviews

Best Himalayan Salt Lamp Reviews suggest Best Himalayan Salt Lamp by high quality, cheap, brands, convenience.

Himalayan salt lamps are more and more attractive the consumers, thanks to the health benefits as well as their beautiful appearance. It is carved in a variety of shapes and sizes with the determined price.

In fact, it is not easy to get a right lamp as desired. Nonetheless, if you follow the proper guidelines, you can entirely own the high-quality model. Let’s see! Go! Go! Go!

Best Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp - 3 Popular Choices for 2020-2021

Benefits Of Himalayan Salt Lamp For Human Beings

  • Salt is Natures Ionizer.
  • Salt Lamps have been used Therapeutically for years.
  • Cleanse and improve the quality and freshness of the air you breathe.
  • The worlds most tranquil and undeveloped region is the Himalayas. Consequently, the salt crystals mined from the foothills of the Himalayas are still untouched by pollution.

What Is So Great About Crystal Salt?

Scientists recognize that natural crystal salt consists of elements that are thought to be the same elements of which the planet Earth was composed from, and also where original life came from. The table salt that we consume daily only consists of sodium chloride (NaCl), which is only one element in crystal salt.

“Our body fluids, which make up 70% of our weight, contain the same salts and almost the same ratio of components as seawater. Our blood is basically nothing more than modified seawater with all its trace elements. Each of these elements has a specific electromagnetic field with a specific frequency.

The interaction of these naturally present trace elements in salt is very important for our body, as witnessed in the expression “salt of life”. The highest grade of natural salt is crystal salt. The minerals and trace elements contained in crystal salt are present in colloidal form (i.e. they are so small that they can be absorbed by the cell through the cellular membrane).

This means that such necessary elements as potassium, calcium and magnesium as well as trace minerals are readily absorbed by the body.”

​The Himalayan rock/crystal salt is millions of years old sea salt that was preserved by nature and is not exposed to any contamination made by human beings. Himalayan crystal salt is 100% natural and has amazing healing properties.

How Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits Us

What are Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Salt lamps are mined from salt mines deep in the Himalaya Mountains. The salt was naturally formed more than 100 million years ago. Salt lamps are made by hand crafted ancient salt crystals and placed in the sun to dry, resulting in different colors and sizes. The size, color or shape of the salt lamps will never diminish.

Himalayan Salt Lamps are chunks of mined salt that are carved by hand and hollowed out leaving room for a tealight candle or a lightbulb. Salt lamps, when lit, emit a glowing effect through the medium of the salt crystal.

Salt Lamps produce negative ions acting as a natural air ionizer therefore improving the quality of the air in each room that the salt lamp is residing.

How Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Work?

  • Himalayan Salt lamps emit negative ions that attach themselves to positive ions creating the positive ions to fall to the ground, floor or furniture tops in the form of particles and dust where they can easily be vacuumed or dusted.
  • Due to the emission of negative ions, Himalayan salt lamps cut down on the positive ions (radiation) created by televisions, computer screens, printers, faxes, pollutants and many more.
  • Himalayan Salt lamps act as a natural dehumidifier by attracting the moisture in the air. At times the lamp may become damp in humid areas, all that is needed is to wipe with a cloth. Any kind of salt lamps should not be washed or put in a dishwasher as this could ruin them.

Best Himalayan Salt Lamp Review for You – All Things You Need to Know

WBM Himalayan Glow 1002 Hand Carved Natural Salt Lamp Review

Best Medium-Sized Himalayan Salt Lamps for Home and Office

himalayan salt lamp review


  • Beautiful.
  • Calming light.
  • It has the ability to reduce allergy.
  • It is suitable for a large space.
  • Two thumbs up.


  • The switch shorted out.
  • The rock seems heavy for the little piece.

When mentioning to the best Himalayan salt lamp review in many recent years, it cannot ignore this WBM handcrafted model. Exactly, there is the handmade lamp, which is carved in Pakistan.

With 100 percent of Himalayan crystal salt, it provides a refined look with a calming amber glow you likely enjoy. The operation of the bulb is powerful enough to work in the 25-watt capacity.

I especially like the base made from the genuine neem wood – the very versatile plant in India. The highlight feature of this wood is durable and has a long shelf-life. Apart from, you don’t also worry about termite, thanks to its aromatic properties with the ability to repel the pest efficiently.I

It is noticed that this Himalayan salt lamp can provide an amber light to any space while purifying the air still continues. Due to there is a handcrafted lamp, their sizes and shapes can be different.

If the atmosphere around you is too much pet dander, smoke, pollens, and other pollutants, it will ionize a quick way to clean up the air. Your respiratory system and sleep patterns are significantly improved once you use it daily, especially people with asthma.

Perhaps, the single drawback is the dimmer switch. It recommends that you ought to pay attention this one when using because of the potential fire hazard. Keep in mind!!!

CA SLS-PYR-12cm Natural Himalayan Pyramid Salt Lamp

Best himalayan salt lamp home depot.

himalayan pink salt lamps


  • It brings a cozy warmth to the room.
  • Two candles are nice as well.
  • Nice-shaped.
  • It helps relax.


  • The control quality seems non-existent.
  • Heavy.

You are looking for a lamp to be able to light and decorate your room, aren’t you? Well, this Himalayan Pyramid Salt Lamp exactly is a great option for you. Furthermore, it still brings another benefit – the health.

The size is 5.5” x 5.5”, along with 100 percent of the natural source. Looking at, the pyramid-shaped appearance brings a unique look. Aside from lighting, it is also considered as an ornament.

Similar to the WBM Himalayan Salt Lamp, the base of this lamp is made of neem wood that involves the authentic certified pamphlet. From here, you can have peace of mind in its durability. Is it right?

This is truly an ornament. Even, its light also has the décor tendency. Because of the gentle light, it is suitable for anywhere you’d like to – office, bedroom, or living room – it is okay.

The users will feel comfortable and easy-going with a relaxing atmosphere that it brings. Nonetheless, you must always keep this in mind – the Himalayan salt lamps do not have the usage to cure, including, this model. The warranty time is 90 days from the date of purchase.

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp in Star Design Metal Basket with Dimmable Cord

Best salt lamps to buy!!

himalayan salt lamp walmart


  • Pretty style.
  • Not too expensive.
  • It is fine.
  • The capacity of cleaning the air.


  • Caustic smell.
  • The baskets are not too good.

View from different angles, this Himalayan salt lamp is the combination of the style and performance – a reliable model of the Himalayan salt lamp, along with the metallic basket. I especially love these baskets because of its durability.

Basically, this model is pretty suitable for the decorating needs in your home. With the natural texture ~ 100 percent, they still provide a series of designs available, in particular, Leaf, Cross, Bagua, Sun, Jesus, Star, Angel, and so on.

The Crystal Décor Himalayan salt lamp with the natural light contributes to building in a bed light, prayer light, night light, or meditation light for anywhere you place it. It is a handmade object. It is great, right?

What is mentioning is that the speed of its ionization is effective and fast. The capacity is approximately 15 watts. The size is 5” x 5”. All things considered, this lamp is actually a perfect filter, which brings the relaxation and the soothing feel.

Nonetheless, there still has a drawback related to this product – its odor. When choosing to buy it, you likely consider this.

Why Should We Purchase a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

But frankly speaking, the Himalayan salt lamp is an ideal option for anyone. It is really good when choosing to use it. Yes, it has more benefits than you thought.

Aesthetically, this lamp provides the nice light – the orange-reddish color. You will feel a quiet and cozy space in your home. The most are to bring the health benefits, in particular,…

  • Initially, you choose to buy the Himalayan salt lamp owing to desiring to get a fresh air, right? Exactly, once you heat the Himalayan salt, it will naturally create the negative irons the entire of your room that you use to place it.

The negative ions will help neutralize the positive ions – the pollutants. Accordingly, when contacting with these negative ions, the bad effects on your respiratory system will be quickly eliminated.

Frequently, the pollutants, including dander, pollen, dust, mold spores, or smoke due to the electrical devices in your homes are rejected thoroughly.

  • Another aspect of buying the Himalayan salt lamp is to get the smell better – how? It is okay. These lamps make you feel the scent of the sea when placing in your room.

This sensation will contribute to improving the air in your home. Thanks to that, you and your relatives will be also breathed the clean air. So good!!!

  • The last one, you desire to experience the happy feel, don’t you? Yes, the Himalayan salt lamp can bring this one. According to many reports, these lamps likely help improve the mood of those who have owned.

The warm light of them creates the calm atmosphere. This one is useful for the relaxation. For the time being, let’s choose to buy a proper one right away!

Where to Place a Himalayan Salt Lamp

It is sure that you will not get the optimal improvements if you place a Himalayan salt lamp in a further corner of your home. Yes, it also has a certain limit.

You are going to achieve the desired result if it is placed somewhere in which you and your relatives often gather or place the electric devices.

Of course, you can place one more the Himalayan salt lamp. It is important that you determine the right position before you have a collection of yourself. Yes, you can think of it as the plant – as much as possible.

You ought to try to place at least one each of the rooms you usually spend a lot of time, living rooms, and bedrooms, for example. You can think about these things:

  • Where are the most of your time?
  • Where do you play games/ use the phones/ watch TV,…?
  • Where do you want to relax with the lamp?.

Your answer is… Yes, let’s place those salt lamps in your desired position.

In case you’d like to improve the atmosphere in your home anymore, you should place it in the frequently airing position in order to circulate the air.

In winter or the high air pollution time, the opening window seems a difficult one if you want to spread the air the whole your rooms. At that time, using a Himalayan salt lamp is an ideal option for cleaning the air and removing the pollutants surrounding.

Utilize a Himalayan Salt Lamp to Improve Our Health

Take The Pollutants Away The Air

It is certain that you wondered how to build in a salt rock lamp to deodorize and clean the surrounding air. In fact, there is a process – hygroscopy.

After attracting the water molecules in the surrounding air, the Himalayan salt absorbs them. Coming with these water molecules consists of other tiny particles such as smoke, dust, and pollen. Frequently, these pollutants will deposit on the surface of that salt rock lamp.

  • Once the bulb inside of the Himalayan salt, the absorbed water molecules will evaporate back in the air. However, the pollutants are still stuck in there.
  • It likely prevents the asthma and allergy symptoms, by using these rock salt lamps. In additional to the daily particles and dust, they can still remove mold, mildew, and pet dander in the air.

Take The Helpful Negative Ions To Replace The Harmful Positive Ions

There are a lot of the positive-charged molecules around your home, which badly affect your health, in particular, decreasing the capacity of filtering the air when breathing.

Nevertheless, the process cycling the water molecules of the Himalayan salt lamp both can clean these molecules and contributes to changing their charge.

  • Throughout that process of absorbing water molecules, your Himalayan lamp will also remove the positive ions after converting them into the negative ions.
  • After being released an independent way, these negative ions will help filter the air in your body when breathing. Nonetheless, you should know that these ions are not similar to the medicine-practiced ions to oxygenate the blood.
  • When mentioning to the positive ions, the most popular source is electronics. Hence, you may place a Himalayan salt lamp in the place where has plenty of electronics; especially, you frequently spend your time in there.

Improve Your Spirit

Basically, that the Himalayan salt lamps also have the relaxation use help maintain your mood in the positive state. Based on exchanging the positive ions with negative ions, it helps enhance oxygen to the brain yours. Thanks to that, your mood, spirit, and concentration are significantly boosted.

  • The amount of serotonin in the brain will be high owing to the negative ions. It creates the happy feeling.
  • Using these lamps also helps you prevent the symptom of seasonal affective disorder because they offer the ambient light as sunlight.

Don’t Have The Usage To Cure The Medical Ailments

Claims related to the health benefits of the Himalayan salt lamp are still proven. Apart from the benefits mentioned above, other benefits are unfounded.

Correspondingly, you should not rely on them for any medical ailments. People who have health maladies should find and consult the doctor.

7 Signs Help You Recognize Your Himalayan Salt Lamp – a Fake

Based on the benefits of these Himalayan Salt Lamps, they quickly won the hearts of consumers. They have been gradually known as the beneficial interior thing.

The sales constantly increase. Unfortunately, this one accidently leads to an ideal chance for those who are less honest profit, by making the cheap counterfeits of the Himalayan salt lamp.

Though it is not always clear, there are a couple of manners you can apply for recognizing your lamp without a genuine one.

  • #1 – A Himalayan Salt Lamp Is Quite Bright

In general, the color of Himalayan salt is medium-pink to dark-orange. Another reason is due to the salt has a variety of minerals. Correspondingly, the light of the lamp is going to be uneven and muted.

That’s why the Himalayan salt lamp only has a gentle light. If the bought lamp is light enough for the whole your room, it means that your lamp is not a genuine model.

  • #2 – Your White Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp Is Not Too Expensive

As mentioned, Himalayan salt with crystal is often orange hue or warm pinkish. What’s more, the white type of Himalayan salt is rare and enjoyable. In the result, the white crystal lamps are expensive in comparison with the commonly-colored types.

In case you have owned the white crystal Himalayan salt lamp with the cheap price compared to the pink models, it is sure that your lamp is a fake one.

  • #3 – The Ability To Handle The Moisture Well

We knew that Himalayan salt lamps clean the surrounding air, by absorbing the water molecules around your home, along with the dust particulate in the air. Then, apart from the dust particulate is kept, these water molecules are evaporated back into the air.

This process is inherent to the genuine Himalayan rock lamps if you recognize the sweating. Therefore, if your lamp does not have any moist signs whether you are living in the moist area, the fake capacity of your model is very high.

  • #4 – It Is Quite Durable

The Himalayan salt lamps have a big problem – their fragility. Actually, occasionally, there still have some cases of the damaged lamp owing to shipping, packaging, or handling.

Your Himalayan model is very solid. Even, you apply the method of a sure fire or try chipping a small piece of the salt. But, the result is still good. It makes sure that your Himalayan salt lamp cannot be a genuine model.

  • #5 – The Supplier Or Manufacturer Provides A Return-Poor Policy

Most manufacturers of genuine models understand that the Himalayan salt to make the lamps is fragile. Hence, they always have the convenient and flexible return policy.

You prepare to buy a Himalayan lamp, right? With the super strict supplier related to the return policy, let’s be careful! Simple, it seems that they hope you not to discover the truth until you want to return it – too late.

We mentioned above that this model is fragile. Consequently, the best is to choose the suppliers, who have the flexibility exchanges.

  • #6 – Aren’t Experienced Any Health Benefits

Although many studies pointed out that the Himalayan salt lamps contribute to improving the surrounding lives of people, few people still doubt this.

Looking at what we shared above, in additional to filtering the surrounding air, reducing allergy and asthma symptoms, preventing season affective disorder, or increasing energy is the real benefits.

In case you follow the usage rules of the Himalayan salt lamp, but the result is still zero, your lamp is very hard a genuine item.

  • #7 – Its Origin Is Not Pakistan

It can say that Khewra in Pakistan is the only area in which you can find Himalayan salt. Frequently, the lamps have listed their origin. Do you doubt that? So, it ought to ask or come to terms with the salesmen before choosing to buy one.

Buying a Himalayan Lamp – 7 Things Should Know

  • It ensures that the chosen model is Himalayan salt

Obviously, there are a lot of imitation products on the market. Let’s rely on the information on recognizing a fake lamp in order to make sure that you are purchasing a genuine model.

  • It decides the shape you’d like to

Do want you to purchase a Himalayan salt lamp with the nice, organic, or natural shapes? Importantly, it not only fits your décor style but also is my favorite option. The non-electronic model is also a good idea if like.

  • It needs to prepare to dust.

The hygroscopy process always attached to dust. Aside from cleaning the air around your home, it still makes the particles that are heavier. Correspondingly, it is necessary to dust anymore.

  • It selects a right surface.

Generally, these lamps likely sit for the majority of surfaces. However, you need to pay attention that they will sweat when collecting the negative ions, especially when you are living in a humid environment.If you do not want it to leave a salt ring on the surfaces of your furniture, you should equip a base to place it on there. It recommends that you ought to pick up using the neem wood for the bases.

  • It chooses a proper position.

In spite of placing the Himalayan rock lamp anywhere in your room, you can also get the benefits of its purifying effects. It is important those places you must regularly frequent.On the other hand, the color of the light is also vital. You should select the gentle light, pink-orange glow, for example. During months of winter, it is ideal for your bedroom or reading room.

  • 6. It purchases a correct size.

The sizes of the lamp are to depend on the size of your room. The bigger Himalayan salt lamp will fit a large room. With the small space like the reading room or the workroom, you can place a smaller one.

  • 7. It can replace the bulb when needing.

It has to allow you to replace the bulb like the conventional lamps. Like that, the usage time can last.

Final Thoughts - Best Himalayan Salt Lamp Review

Himalayan salt lamps are necessary for each of the homes. We will not repeat its benefits because this article has shown what to be the most beneficial the one should have. It hopes that our Himalayan salt lamp review brings the useful information for you to find a right lamp – no fake. Good luck!!!

Hope you find my buying guide helpful. Thank for reading!

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  • Lose The Pooch Workout
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